Why would you come to pride – send us an essay and photo

Were you ever a Sofia pride? What did you think while waiting to tie your bracelet to fit in? What did you think while people could fit and the platform you were heading off on the route of the procession. Wondering why we are so surrounded by police officers and whether they are enough? Meet friends? How did you feel? Were you sad when prajdt over? Did you think about the next pride?

We want to hear your story, why would you come to pride this year. About what motivates you to sit at home on June 9 or zapileeš elsewhere. Send us your own essay or narrative, accompanied with a picture to inspire other people, especially those who have come so far. We expect the essay and your picture at info@deystvie.com or as a message on the page on Facebook.

And if you’ve never been to the pride, hope to see you this year on June 9, the monument to the Soviet army, to be together, to see that there’s nothing scary or embarrassing, to feel the holiday spirit.


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