Over the years we have repeatedly discussed the opening of the LGBTI Community Center, but it always remained a dream. LGBTI community today is stronger and more United than ever and the dream becomes a reality. Along with dozens of representatives of the community opened a new page in the history of LGBTI movement in Bulgaria.

The new space is called Rainbow hub (Hub Rainbow) and is the result of joint work of LGBT Youth Organization “action” Resource Center “Bilitis, GLAS Foundation and other independent activists. Its purpose is to provide a protected space of all LGBTI people in Bulgaria, where they will receive useful information about your rights and your health will carry out contacts and will be collected in the interest groups. The site will also serve as Office of Sofia Pride, as well as three national LGBTI organization

The Mission of Rainbow hub is to support and mobilize nascent LGBTI community in Bulgaria. It will organise a variety of events and initiatives aimed at the needs of LGBTI people, with a special focus on young people and disadvantaged persons. The Center will serve as a unifying link of LGBTI community and Bulgarian will help to strengthen the relationship between members of the community, and between organizations that are based in the community and work in her favor. Will attract and support and parents of LGBTI children and youth. Also, will contribute to a more effective implementation of the approach is “bottom-up” for dealing with the main problems and challenges faced by LGBTI people every day. The space will provide an opportunity for the realization of direct contact between the activists and other community representatives from all parts of Bulgaria.

Rainbow hub is located on UL. “Lyuben Karavelov” 24 in Sofia. More about the program and activities of space can learn from his official website www.lgbti-center.bg. In the online platform you’ll find useful resources and information on programs, services, leadership and advocacy on a variety of topics such as health, law, culture and education.


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