Youth LGBT organisation “Action” is one of the organisations, participating in the project LoveMoves, which aims to oppose the law obstacles, regarding same-sex couples in the EU. The rights of same-sex couples are acknowledged and protected in only some of the EU countries.

The limitations in the rest of the countries are discriminatory and violate the freedom of movement principle of the EU. The project is accomplished

in partnership with the Democracy research centre, foundation  GLAS, foundation Resource centre- Bilitis and the Marginalia association.

One of the main goals of the project is defining and analysing the situation with same-sex couples, recognised in other EU jurisdictions, which travel or live in Bulgaria and their freedom of movement in the EU. This topic should be put under discussion on a national and European level.

In order to support the change, the project also aims to increase awareness in  the LGBT community about the current freedom of movement restrictions and to educate the general public about the unfair and discriminatory practices, applied by EU countries.

The project highlights the annual reports of ILGA ( International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), according to which the national politics regarding the rights of LGBTI people in  Bulgaria is getting worse in the last few years. The country also doesn’t provide many rights for the community, like legal procedure for administrative sex change, not including possible homophobic motives in hate crimes and not recognising same-sex marriages by the family codex.

LoveMoves consists of three main aspects: researching the condition and experiences of same-sex couples; disclosing and sharing the mobilisation problems by organising festivals and seminars; insisting of introducing new politics in Bulgaria and the EU. The participants in the  project will

rely on their expert preparation and powerful personal stories, to reach different groups from the LGBT society and the general public.


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