The truth is right now I am at a very confused place in my life. As cliché and  banal as this might sound – it’s as if I can’t quite put my finger on where exactly is my place right now, who really am I and which are my next steps.

I feel myself fragile, overly sensitive about most things around me. I am soaking up everyone and everything, who and which are outside of me. But rarely I find a filter for myself, which can tell me “yes, this here we can take for ourselves, and the other – we don’t need it.”

Right now I have that awful urge to outdo myself, to stand a little bit more in the mine field of my mind and its untamed desires and inner turbulences. I need that place, where I can reach that particular corner in me, which I know is my real authentic self. I need to make that leap, that is the clash with my fears, with my concerns and everything, which holds me back to live!

For me that is the Pride.

Maybe the biggest triumph for me would be if I just silence every voice inside me, except the one which plays, sings and dances. That is exactly the part of me, which I know I will never abandon and I know she won’t leave me. That is the only outlet, that has never deceived me or has never let me down. It gives me life, it gives me purpose. That’s exactly the reason for me why I managed to gather the courage to take every step of my way. That is Love, that is Art, that is everything that breaks our barriers and prejudice. Those are the people who lie in your heart every day. The ones who are really worth it.

If I manage to feel the content and the filling of these words on the Pride, that means that every choice that I have made so far has been the right amount of “right”.


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